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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
-=- I've just moved! -=-

Aww you won't see me updating anymore...cause I'm moving to this place...

But I'll leave this place alone just in case...

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
-=- I hate the world -=-

The world is cruel and I hate it. Nobody would bother about me, I rather stay at home and watch Morning Musume. Nobody would want me to be involved, to exist, they just want my camera. Everything's boring, everybody's boring, I rather stay at home and watch Morning Musume. I hate this world and I hate everybody.

Even when I'm with friends, I have nothing to talk. I DON'T EVEN HAVE A CHANCE TO TALK. Nobody would want to listen to me. I'm the kind who everyone forgets once we graduate. Just like in secondary school, which is even worst. People come to me and told me they hate me. My "best" friends say I'm different from them. Why must everyone follow the crowd? Even if I want to say something, I feel stupid. So I rather keep quiet and watch people. Do you people understand? Not at all! And then I told wendy she said I've got great observation skills (WTF)! Why are people always taking things about me lightly? Because I always say I don't mind and It's okay? NO! I actually mind and I actually care! I just don't wanna say them out cause I know it would bother you guys! Nobody would know how I feel so get away from me!!!!!!!

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Monday, December 19, 2005
-=- wow... -=-

merry christmas :D

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Thursday, December 15, 2005
-=- 1Litre no Namida ep9 Caps review!! -=-

Sorry sorry!!! I haven't take pictures for ep10 yet. Will do that soon or maybe later. Ep9..another sad episode. What left me the deepest impression is Erica-chan with hairclip..way cute..The scenes of her walking alone in that new school is heartbreaking...Well, let's look at the caps with my lovely captions

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
-=- erica-chan so cute <3!!!! -=-

Okay. This is a Japanese reality show about Akiba-san (he's famous for doing these), he's like a fan of these female idols..kinda weird guy. He goes to the events, doing weird stuffs and his goal is to make the idols LOL on stage. Kinda interesting yeah...

The show started off with the dustbin at the event venue. Akiba-san seemed in be inside the dustbin, he crawls out and joins the crowd. He squeezes himself through to the front row and asked the guy next to him if he wanna eat banana. That guy said no. So he peeled off the skin and its a hotdog inside O.O

All right of these nonsense.. my dear Erica steps onto the stage...

Q: What kinda performance will you do?
Akiba writes on sketchbook: Cross-Eye
Erica kinda laughed...
Then he showed a paper with the drawing of a person lying down, kicking a ball ^^||

Q: What is needed to attract people?
Akiba writes on sketchbook: MAGNETIC FORCE
Erica LOLed
Akiba writes on sketchbook: Other works $$
Erica >< and covered her mouth
Akiba used his pen and hit his sketchbook.
Erica ignored him

Q: What other talents do you think you have?
Akiba showed his drawing block: SHOPLIFTING
Erica LOLed.
Akiba shows a "dead finger sign". He turns his fingers around..he's actually imitating an elephant.
Erica LOLed

Akiba wrote a big "COW" word on his drawing block.
Erica tried to hold back her laughter.

Akiba wrote "back of head" with a drool sign
Erica's kinda scared.

Akiba showed a piece of paper of a person running to a door. It opened up with many people running towards the door. (ESCAPE!)
Erica tried holding back her LOL again.

Akiba showed "Ji-Ji-I" Erica reads it and went kinda HUH? The word formed an old man figure after few frames. (Like animation.)

Distracted, Erica gave a HUH? to the host's question and said "Sorry!" (Awww so cute)

Akiba showed his palm with a picture of an eye drew inside. A pingpong ball came out from his mouth (with eye draw on it an eyeball).
Erica choked.
Akiba shot the ball out with his cough and Erica LOLed. The eyeball was still bouncing on the ground.


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Sunday, December 11, 2005
-=- Help me do a survey!! -=-

Hey guys.. I need to do a survey.. its just like 4 questions. Help me fill out, yo? Thanks, you'd be so cool! Hahaha!

Click here to take survey

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Thursday, December 08, 2005
-=- Everybody love me! -=-

Everybody love me! Maki loves me, Erica loves me, flu loves me and fever loves me. Duhzzz... Even Mikitty loves me too...

Eri "Hahaha! Miki!! Even Boss prays for u!!"
Risa "zzzz"
Aichan "Fujimoto-sama...I thought u"
Reina "Poor should accept her now?

No...I prefer Maki & Erica...HA HA HA HA HA

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
-=- Sawajiri Erika - COLOR -=-

Weeeehoooo My COLOR DVD is finally here. Let's talk about it. Well, its a documentary about my new idol, Sawajiri Erika, who is super cute, super talented and really weird. I took lots of screencaps of her and she's really like a little girl. Not gonna show u guys the ones without makeup. Those are exclusively for friends and diehard fans only =P.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005
-=- 何もない -=-

あたしは最近沢尻エリカさんのことが好きになりましたが、あたし...有罪!ごっちんはどう?ん...ずっと好きだと思う。でも、いまわからない事がたくさんある。私はどうしてエリカが憧れ?ごっちんを憧れしたらいいでしょうね!エリカちゃんのがすきなことを止めなさい!もう止められない。今どの人のほうがいい?わからない。わからない事がたくさんある。エリカちゃんは過去の深いな事がたくさんあるが、彼女のほうがいい?いいえ!いいえ!後藤はあなただけの女神だよ!後藤さまのこと..放棄しないよ!ああ... やっぱりどちらもいいねえ~悪なミキちゃん...あんた馬鹿じゃねえ?エリカちゃんはあたしの心で大きくなりました。残念です。

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Thursday, December 01, 2005
-=- Let me slack a little -=-

Should be doing Proplan paperwork now. It's getting boring when stuffs are just repetitive isn't it? So I need a break, but I guess I have way too much break, so much that I made 3 erica avatars...Look...

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

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